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Working Papers

Selected Published Articles


  • Ägarmakt och omvandling  Den svenska modellen utmanad, Ed Hans Tson Söderstrom, Ekonomirådsrapport 2003 Stockholm:SNS English summary, The Swedish Corporate Governance System, and the European Challenge
  • Staten och bolagskapitalet om aktiv styrning av statliga bolag, ‘State as a corporate owner’ with Susanne Lindh, ESO Ds 1998:64
  • Kompensations system i svenska börsnoterade företag, 1994, ‘Compensation contracts in Swedish publicly traded firms’ Almqvist och Wicksell, ISBN 91-7204-470-5.5

Current Projects

Currently working on the following research projects:

  • Brokers, refugees and labor market matching.  
  • Voices on Intimacy. 
  • Are Intrinsic and Extrinsic Rewards Complements or Substitutes?
  • A Labor Market Analysis of Suicide Missions.
  • The Boundary of Internal Labor Markets: Do we have the empirical facts right?
  • Where Do Beliefs Come From?
  • Do Men Like To Work For Women Managers?
  • The Dynamics and Evolution of Institutions.
  • Managing Global Organizations.
Eva M Meyersson Milgrom