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Eva M Meyersson Milgrom is an American and Swedish social scientist publishing both in economic and sociology academic journals, and since August of 2022 emerita from Stanford University. Eva Meyersson Milgrom is currently writing on three book manuscripts: "Intimacy after 60, in search of significance",  "Global Organizations, the Matrix of Change", and "How to use firm match data".

Dr Meyersson Milgrom is a senior research scholar and a teacher at Stanford University, and affiliated with the Department of Sociology and Stanford Institute of Economic Policy and SIEPR.  She has been a visiting professor at GSB Stanford University, Sloan School of Business MIT, and at the Haas School of Business, University of California at Berkeley. She has been a visiting scholar at Department of Sociology, Harvard University and a guest scholar at Northwestern University NICO, Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems November 2008. Between 1988 and 1998 Meyersson Milgrom was a research scholar at the Institute of Industrial Organization (IUI), (today IFN), Stockholm Sweden.

Dr Meyersson Milgrom’s major contributions have mainly been in three areas: corporate governance (executive compensation), organization and labor markets (wage-, promotion- and productivity gender differences) and social networks (composition and compensation of executive teams and firm performance). Dr Meyersson Milgrom has served as an expert witness on executive compensation and on board composition. She has also consulted on topics such as gender equity, how to organize for changing strategy, and the problems with ad hoc groups.

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Research Interests

The Political Economy of Corporate Governance, Organization Theory and Labor Markets, Diversity, and Social Comparison Theories. With specific focus on:

  • Wage Inequality and Firm Performance.
  • Growth mindset applications: online learning and university student learning.
  • Where Do Beliefs Come From and How do They Change?
  • Strategy and Organizational Design
  • Gender research- Gender and wage mobility
  • Corporate Governance- CEO compensation contracts
  • Distributive Justice and CEO compensation
  • The Influence of Status Consideration, M&As and Workforce Turnover